Mission Eco&Care

Sustainability by Melitta

Our mission and contribution, the criteria, the rating and our promise.

1. Our assignment

For us at Melitta, the conscious enjoyment of coffee that we offer with our products is closely linked to our business philosophy of sustainability. This is done in the spirit of a lasting and stable balance of economic, social and ecological interests to ensure the long-term success of our company and to protect people, animals and the environment.

We are guided by the guiding principle of a sustainable corporate policy. This pursues the goal of meeting the needs of the present generation without restricting the ability of future generations to satisfy their own needs.

Suitability for everyday use:
We optimise our products through continuous development so that the CO2 impact of our appliances is as low as possible. With our products, every consumer can make their contribution to sustainability every day.

The objective:
All existing Melitta plug products have been checked with regard to their life cycle analysis. We will repeat this analysis every 2 years, thus ensuring that we always measure ourselves against the current technical requirements on the market.

2. Our contribution

The label:
We have developed a label that directly helps the consumer to choose a product that guarantees conscious enjoyment. We use our own value system for this purpose.

The value system:
In cooperation with external partners, we have developed a rating system for our products that takes into account both objectively measurable factors and social aspects.

After all relevant factors have been classified in the value system, the rating takes the form of a star system. This is published for all Melitta products via the new label. Regardless of whether one star or five are awarded.

The control:
The underlying assessment method was developed by an independent company that advises us on the subject of sustainability.

The motivation:
Our goal at Melitta is to make our own products more sustainable and thus more climate and environmentally friendly. The current status is therefore always another step for us towards the next improvement.

3. Our criteria (according to product life cycle)

a) Production:

Resources Product (weighting: 20 %):
The more environmentally friendly the use of the resources used and the lighter the product, the more positive the assessment.

Resources Production (weighting: 25 %):
Here, for example, the amount of energy used per product in production is evaluated. This category serves our goal of constantly improving our production methods with regard to the use of resources.

Packaging (weighting: 25%):
In this category, the packaging weight and the materials used are evaluated according to efficiency.

Social aspects (weighting: 30 %):
The consideration of social indicators, such as working conditions at our suppliers, is what makes the Melitta value system so exceptional.

b) Usage:

Energy efficiency (weighting: 45 %):
At the heart of the product's use phase is the energy efficiency category. Here, energy consumption during operation, energy-saving functions and the visibility of energy-saving instructions for the consumer are evaluated.

Product safety (weighting: 35 %):
Product safety includes indicators on food law, certifications (e.g. ISO 9001) or substance restrictions (e.g. REACH).

Lifetime (weighting: 20 %):
The service life refers to the period of the warranty promise that Melitta makes on the respective product and to the quality and presence of service and care instructions. The more comprehensible these are, the more likely it is that the
the more likely it is that the product will last a long time. This in turn conserves resources and the environment.

c) End of life:

(product weighting: 70 %, packaging weighting: 30 %):
The indicators are applied according to the phase of life and include, for example, recyclability and disposal. The individual weightings are based on a scientifically proven life cycle analysis.

4. Our evaluation

A product can receive a maximum of five stars. A fictitious ideal product defined by us serves as a benchmark. This fictitious product combines the best technical components and software solutions currently available on the market for the respective product area. In comparison with this product, the information we have collected on our products is evaluated.

In addition, social aspects relating to our suppliers are taken into account when awarding the Melitta label. This approach is innovative and is what makes the Melitta label so special. By social aspects, we mean, among other things, fair working conditions and fair pay systems.

5. Our promise

We have already done a lot for a more sustainable development of our products. But we are on a long road, where the continuous further development of our products based on more and more indicators, as well as an improvement in the data situation, is our goal. That's why we at Melitta promise to review the indicators of our evaluation system every two years, to adapt them to current challenges and to expand them on a regular basis. You can find the rating of the individual appliances in the respective product category.