Balance tea

Balance tea

A beneficial time out for body & mind

Ingredients for a 750ml pot:

6 tsp Ginger Lemon Tea

750 ml water

fresh or dried mint

1 tsp thyme

untreated slices of lemon or lemon juice


Cilia® tea filter M

Cilia® tea filter holder


Carefully chop finely or crumble 4-5 mint leaves. Put the Ginger Lemon Tea in a Cilia® tea filter M, fill another Cilia® tea filter M with the chopped mint and the thyme. Put both in a pot using the Cilia® tea filter holder and pour on boiling water. Allow to infuse for about 5 minutes and finally add a large splash of lemon juice. Sweeten to taste with 1-2 tsp honey. Enjoy hot and feel the beneficial effects!