Carrot Soup with Lime Blossoms

Carrot Soup with Lime Blossoms

A healthy soup with medicinal lime blossom extract.


for 4 portions:

4-5 tsp lime flowers

1l water

500g carrots

200g potatoes

2 chopped shallots or one onion

3 tbsp butter

salt and pepper

some cream

Cilia® Tea Filter L


Boil the lime blossoms with water in a Cilia® Tea Filter M (infuse for about 5 minutes). Peel the potatoes and carrots and chop into small cubes. Saute them in butter and then add the lime blossom tea and the salt and pepper. Then puree in a mixer to create a creamy soup. Bring the lime blossom carrot soup to the boil and garnish with cream.