Earl Grey Pralines

Earl Grey Pralines

The sweetest temptation since tea recipes were first created.


10 tsp Earl Grey tea

70 ml water

70 g sugar

lemon juice

150 g dark chocolate couverture

150 g milk chocolate couverture

70 ml whipping cream

80 g finely chopped pistachios

1 tbsp brown rum (optional)

Cilia® tea filter M


Heat the water with the sugar for 3 minutes on a medium heat until the sugar completely dissolves. Then add the lemon juice. Pour the hot sugar solution over the tea in a Cilia® tea filter M then allow to infuse for 4 to 5 minutes. Allow the liquid to cool.

Chop the couverture for the mixture and melt it in a hot water bath. Stir the tea solution, whipping cream and rum with the liquid chocolate. Allow to cool for 2-3 hours. Then use a food mixer to whisk for 1-2 minutes into a light brown, creamy mixture.

Separate the mixture into about 30 portions and shape them into small balls then place on a baking tray. Allow to cool for an hour. Roll the cooled pralines in the chopped pistachios. Store in a cool, dry place.