Green tea

The tea with a fresh taste

In constrast to black tea, green tea is made from unfermented leaves. The leaves are heated after harvesting to prevent oxidation. Whereas in Japan the leaves are traditionally steamed, in China they are roasted in large pans directly over a fire. This prevents fermentation and the leaves remain green. Typical for green tea is the somewhat sharp, fresh taste and a light green to light golden infusion.

Characteristics of green tea

  • Green tea should be brewed for two to three minutes - the exact time depends on taste and the type of tea
  • The best water temperature to infuse green tea is around 75°C; ideally soft water should be used
  • Good green teas can be infused up to five times, in China often the later, milder infusions are preferred
  • The more often green tea is infused, the longer it should be allowed to brew