Herbal tea

The healthy alternative from the herb garden

Medicinal herbal teas have long been part of a well organised home medicine cabinet and are a remedy for various complaints and illnesses. These caffeine free teas are also ideal and delicious thirst quenchers and are therefore very popular. For these herbal teas various herbs are combined with flavourings. This gives an unlimited variety of flavours. From classic camomile tea to calming teas with melissa and lavender to ayurvedic yogi-teas with ginger and lemon.

Characteristics of herbal teas

  • You are recommended to pay attention to dosage and infusion times of medicinal teas
  • Herbal teas without a specific effect should be covered and allowed to infuse for five to ten minutes
  • Herbal teas are a good alternative to black or green tea if you wish to avoid caffeine