Iced Peach Tea

Iced Peach Tea

The ideal refreshing drink for warm summer days.


2-3 tsp black tea (e.g. darjeeling)

1/2l  Water

The juice of half a lemon

Some peach nectar

1-2 peaches

Slices of lemon

Ice cubes

Cilia® Tea Filter M


Pour 500 ml water onto the black tea in a Cilia® Tea Filter M (infuse for about 3 minutes). Remove the stones from 1 or 2 peaches and slice into small strips. 

Add the freshly pressed juice of half a lemon and allow the tea mixture to cool for several hours.
Sweeten to taste with some peach nectar or fruit syrup. Serve with ice cubes and slices of lemon and your homemade iced tea is ready.