Pumpkin Soup with Rooibos Flavour

Pumpkin Soup with Rooibos Flavour

A special soup with South African rooibos tea.


for 4 portions:

6-7 tsp rooibos tea

1l water

1kg pumpkin

1 apple

300g (sweet) potato

90 ml natural yoghurt

1 tsp curry powder


some salt + pepper

Cilia® Tea Filter L

our tip to garnish:

fresh coriander or similar 


Pour boiling water over the rooibos tea in a Cilia® Tea Filter (infuse for 5-7 minutes). Boil the tea in a pot with the chopped pumpkin, chopped potatoes and a finely chopped apple. Season with the curry powder, salt and pepper. As soon as the vegetables are cooked the soup can be pureed. Finally mix the natural yoghurt with the juice of a lemon in a separate container.  Serve the soup with some of the yoghurt mixture. Garnish to taste.