Roast Beef with Peppermint Tea

Roast Beef with Peppermint Tea

The best addition to your roast: Fresh mint sauce with peppermint tea.


for 6-8 portions:

1-2 tsp peppermint tea

mint leaves

1.5 kg roast beef

2 tsp concentrated butter

200g sour cream

300g natural yoghurt

2 EL fruit vinegar

some salt

some pepper


Firstly remove the fat from the edge of the roast beef and leave to stand for an hour at room temperature. In the meantime grind the pepper and coat the roast beef with it. Brown the beef on all sides with concentrated butter and then put in a pre-heated oven.  (120°C, 90 minutes roasting time). Now prepare the creamy peppermint sauce: Puree the small mint leaves with the sour cream and mix well with the loose peppermint tea, natural yoghurt, vinegar and salt