Tea Filter Holder

Tea Filter Holder

The combination of function and design

Today the combination of the Cilia® Tea Filter M and the Cilia® Tea Filter Holder, is an especially simple, clean and easy way to prepare tea. To make your personal tea moments a pleasure right from the start.

Cilia® Tea Filter Holder: The tried and tested classic in modern and straigth design

  • improved intuitive handling
  • modern and straight design concept
  • perfectly fitting to Cilia® Tea Filter M
  • fitting to different mug and jug sizes

Currently available in: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Sweden, Belgium

The Cilia® Tea Filter Holder not only combines function and design but makes tea preparation even easier. Due to the handle the mechanism, how to put the filter on the filter holder is self-explaining and easy. Besides the Cilia® Tea Filter Holder perfectly fits to the Cilia® Tea Filter M. Such the tea leaves can unfold and you can enjoy your finest tea indulgence.