Tea Filter S

Tea Filter S

To make a single cup of tea

With the Cilia® Tea Filter S you can quickly and simply make a single cup of tea.

Cilia® Tea Filter S: The practical one-cup filter for the finest tea enjoyment.

The size of the filter is just right for one cup and its very easy and clean to use. For special tea moments with a good cup of tea.

  • Aromagic® paper structure
  • Base fold
  • Fill tab
  • Easy to remove

Currently available in: France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Russia

Cup for cup the finest tea enjoyment: The Cilia® Tea Filter S is perfect for preparing a single cup of tea. The base fold on the Cilia® Tea Filter S gives the tea leaves plenty of room to expand. Combined with the special Aromagic® paper structure the full flavour of your tea can unfold.

They are suitable for all kinds of loose tea and are used without a Tea Filter Holder.

To protect the environment the filters are unbleached.