Tea Filter L

Tea Filter L

Use without filter holder

The Tea Filter L with its integrated base fold provides lots of room for the flavour of your tea to unfold.

Thanks to the practical fill tab, filling the filter is safe and easy. The Cilia® Tea Filter L is especially practical for all types of tea where a larger amount is necessary per pot such as fruit teas and herb teas.

Cilia® Tea Filter L: The tea filter for larger amounts of tea.

  • Aromagic® paper structure
  • Base fold
  • Fill tab
  • Easy to remove 

The finest tea enjoyment begins with the preparation: The base fold in the Cilia® Tea Filter allows the tea leaves plenty of room to expand. Combined with the special Aromagic® paper structure this allows the full flavour of your tea to unfold. Thanks to the fill tab it is easier to fill and easier to remove once your tea is ready.

Cilia® Tea Filter L should be used without a Tea Filter Holder.

To protect the environment: For our special filter paper we use, among other things, natural fibres from fast growing renewable resources. Filters made in this way are unbleached and can be disposed of in the compost.

Product NamePackage ContentCurrently available in
Cilia® Tea Filter L 30 tea filters France, Switzerland, Belgium
Cilia® Tea Filter L

80 tea filters

France, Germany, Austria, Russia



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